Engineering Consultation


Basic Engineering

The basic engineering phase is associated with Technical and Financial feasibility study about one or two solutions bring to a close most suitable solution.

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Our Activities for Basic Engineering:

  • Design basis and criteria

  • Develop process Philosophy, Spec, Operation and Control

  • Flow Diagrams of main and auxiliary processes

  • Plan major equipments and generate preliminary layout

  • Cost estimation and Judgment

  • Develop schedule and duration



  • Preliminary engineering check

  • Check feasibility

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Design and Analysis

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Detail Engineering and As-Built

Detailed engineering are studies which creates a full definition of every aspect of a project development. It includes all the studies to be performed before project construction starts.

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  • Generate detail drawings and documents in every aspect

  • Internal national Codes, Standard, local Rules and Regulations compliance

  • Produce construction or production drawings , Bill of Material, and assembly drawings

  • Develop Installation, Commissioning and Testing procedure

  • As-Build drawings