Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical Equipment package, and accessories, the use of which relates to Gas, fluid distribute, pressurise, storage, drainage, Cooling, heating, Gas or air conditioning, and similar purposes.

TEC help to make smarter and efficient mechanical equipment using internet of things.

We are expert in following Mechanical Equipment and package

  • Gas Turbine

  • Gas Engine and Dual Fuel Engine

  • Gas compressor and Air compressor

  • Pump

  • Pressure Vessel

  • Boiler

  • Cooling Tower

  • Heat Exchanger

  • Chillier

  • Tank

Codes and Standards

The codes and standards is used for the Design, Fabrication, Inspection and Commissioning of the equipment package. The applicable standards to be used, will depends on the location of the plant which will define the laws, rules and regulations to be complied by TEC. In general, the latest edition at the time the project awarded is applicable.

  • TEC refers and complying following appropriately for the equipment requirements,

  • International Code (Example: ASME, BS, IS, DIN)

  • International Standards (Example: ASTM, ISO, API)

  • National Standard (Example: AS, Norsk)

  • National rules and regulations (Example: IBR, MIGAS)

  • Classification society (Example: ABS, DNV GL, Lloyd's Register)

  • Design and Engineering Practice (Example: Shell DEP, EIL Spec)